"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn"
-Benjamin Franklin

At Bizcursion, we strongly believe in the importance of experiential learning, the power of business networks and interconnectedness between locations.

Bizcursion enables you to Explore and Understand opportunities in the Indian sub-continent. For educational institutions and corporate clients, we help Translate location-specific experiences into Executable outcomes. From the organization of study tours to consultation on offshoring and market expansion strategies to India, we provide value through our structured approach and a broad India-wide network.

Bizcursion empowers clients with realistic insights into the Indian market. We do this by providing highly customizable end-to-end solutions that entail cultural, academic and practical insights.


Our services address the needs of educational institutions as well as corporates,who are looking to "engage-with" or "engage-in" India.

For the educational institutions, Bizcursion provides business education trips for undergraduate and post-graduate programs. We provide end-to-end solutions from accommodation, logistics to cultural, academic and practical insights in India. Our highly customizable platform allows universities to tailor educational programs to their specific requirements. Bizcursion's Platform, " FOCUS " allows the participants to acquire insights and experiential knowledge of doing business in India.

For the corporate clients, Bizcursion's platform assists in devising strategies to engage in India as well as bridge the strategy planning and execution gap. Our expertise in bridging locations and cultures allows our clients to navigate through the complexities of a highly interconnected business organization. We help to transform their business needs into executable outcomes. We challenge the company's initial propositions on their Indian engagements and help them acquire sustainable growth strategies in the country.

Bizcursion's philosophy of experientially involving our clients to navigate through the Indian market environment allows them to get first-hand insights into doing business in India. A preparatory session prior to visiting India provides an overview of the Indian culture, the Indian consumer, market environment as well as the diverse Indian business practices.

The cultural and academic insights provide a framework on the dynamics of doing business in India. Academic sessions from leading scholars help demystify market-based complexities. The practical insights provide an exposure on doing business in India from both Indian and international MNCs' perspectives. Bizcursion's embeddedness in local networks allows clients to have first-hand interactions with local business leaders and to exchange perspectives on doing business in a culturally diverse market environment.

Bizcursion lays strong focus on providing our clients exposure from social groups and leadership experiences from the Indian sub-continent. This assists in providing holistic insights from all segments of the economy.

Post the visit to India, Bizcursion helps clients translate their experiences into executable strategies. This is facilitated through structured transformation of acquired knowledge into actionable outcomes.


Bizcursion's commitment to deliver a superior quality also addresses client's accommodation and logistics requirements ensuring a stress free experience for our clients. These services include:

 Hotel accommodation

 Pick-up and drop-off to/from the airport

 Location-based logistics

 Meals at the respective locations



Bizcursion specializes in providing a customizable platform for global educational institutions and corporates to "engage with" and "engage in" India. The company operates with the philosophy of facilitating a smooth and stress-free experience in understanding the dynamics of doing business in India. Our consultative approach and an access to an extensive business network allow clients to acquire an in-depth experience on the cultural and socio-political demographics of operating in India.

Why do we exist?

What value can you generate with Bizcursion?

Bizcursion's customizable platform provides insights into doing business in India. The platform allows our clients to tailor their engagement as per their specific needs. Be it an industry-specific focus or a broad array of initial insights into the country's cultural and consumer diversity, Bizcursion helps you to successfully navigate through the diverse business environments. We assist you in transforming your decision into well-informed executable outcomes.


  • MBA students exploring Bangalore
  • Acquiring insights on developments in the automotive industry @ Daimler
  • MBA students gaining perspectives of the Indian healthcare sector @ Naarayana Hospital
  • Entrepreneurial interaction @ Khosla Labs
  • MBA students @ SAP
  •  MBA students soaking in knowledge at the Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore)
  • Exploring the Indian IT industry @ Infosys
  • Time to go to school again: MBA students interacting with kids at Parikrma


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